Casa Valxisto

The Casa Valxisto – Country House is located in the preserved village of Quintandona. It is a truly refuge, with a sophisticated sympathy which aims to offer the collars, smells and the richness of the country...

Only 30 minutes of distance from Oporto, it is the perfect place to explore the culture, the gastronomy and the beauty of a region rich in heritage and history and typical lifestyle.


Each room has the name of flowers and fruits from the farm and their colors were inspired on the surrounding nature (raspberry, blueberry, lavender, tangerine, pear and apple).

We recovered furniture and objects replete of stories from the locals, like an ancient object used to make breath in a traditional way, the milk made, basket of eggs, a cheer, a bicycle, and a window. We also personalize the painting, abat-jours and paint the pillows...

We created a welcoming and unique space in order to be “My Country House” of you.

See in here some of the images from each room:

Leisure room

A space equipped with pool table and a place to play checkers or chess...


A warming and refreshing restaurant that takes us away to a different time, a time marked by the harshness of farm chores... where you can taste some of the exceptional delicious from the region.

Swimming pool and exterior spaces

The pool has a fall into the vineyard and it is an ideal place to cool off, observe the landscape and live moments of laser.