Festivities and Events

Festival of the Caldo de Quintandona

The preserved village of Quintandona belongs to Lagares, Penafiel and has a unique beauty and architecture. The combination of schist, yellow granite and slate with the forests and agricultural scenery justify the mighty demand this place has.

The passion that inhabitants have for this typical village as brought them together with one single purpose – have the world know Quintandona – and, for that, the Festival of the Caldo was created. This street festival takes place in the third weekend of September, every year, in the village, combining cultural entertainment with the delicious gastronomy.

This event has grown yearly, having received eighteen thousand visitors in 2013.

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival is a project of the Business Association of Penafiel and is held annually in May. It lasts for three days and takes place in the historic city center. This project promotes the floriculture County and streamlines the traditional business of the historic district.


This agricultural fair is the biggest in the north of Portugal and its main purpose is to present the regions potential. It is held annually mid-August and mid-September during ten days. In a 25.000 m² area agricultural products, machinery, cattle, craftwork, fashion, services and technology can be found while enjoying the typical food, music and entertainment. This fair attracts annually 120 thousand visitors and is held for more than thirty years.

S. Martinho (Saint Martin)

The S. Martinho festival is held annually from 10 to 20 of November. This religious festival holds the tasting of green wine, roasted chestnuts and the famous S. Martinho pastries. Visitors can also buy or enjoy garments, shoes, regional hardware and appliances, agriculturual machinery, cattle and craftworks.

S. Martinho, or Saint Martin, is the patron saint of Lagares, celebrated in the eleventh of November.

Corpus Christy

Penafiel celebrates the Corpus Christy for over 240 years with an impressive religious procession.