Casa Valxisto - Country House, is located in the preserved rural village of Quintandona. It’s a true refuge, with a sophisticated simplicity whose objective is to offer the tones, flavors and all the country richness…

30 minutes from the city center of porto, in the Vale do Sousa region, it’s the perfect place to explore the culture, gastronomy and beauty of a region rich in typicality, heritage and history.

We recovered furniture and objects loaded with stories of the people who in habited the house, such as the kneading trough, the milk jug, the basket of eggs, the stool, the bicycle, the window. We personalize paintings, lampshades and paint cushions, which make Casa Valxisto - Country House a welcoming and unique space, unable to leave us indifferent...

A cozy and unique space for “My Country House” to be visited by anyone.

A place to enjoy and relax in contact with nature.


Our garden surrounds the whole House and it can be found some native species that during the year are presented with its natural beauty.

The garden pond is a living ecosystem of fish, amphibians and other animals that refresh themselves and satisfy their thirst.

The infinity pool overlooking the vineyard allows you to refresh and relax enjoying the colorful mountains, the vineyard cycle and the tones of nature in each season…

It’s the place of excellence to watch the wonderful sunset… That leaves us speechless…

The terrace by the pool is perfect for sunbathing, enjoying a refreshing drink or for light meals.

In the lounge you can find a snooker table, as well as board games to spend a family evening.

In winter, the comfort of the fireplace can accompany you in reading a book, watching a movie or enjoying a glass of wine.

Throughout the house it’s possible to access the Wi-Fi network for free.


As an excellent complement to the stay, massages are a relaxation service being performed on the old and recovered canastro (granary), a simply wonderful place to relax…

On colder days, massages are performed in the comfort of your room, allowing you to relax in an intimate and romantic environment...


The House has bicycles that can be used to discover the surrounding rurality, walking along rural paths in the surrounding fields and hills.


On walks, or strolling through points of interest, Casa Valxisto - Country House has baskets or backpacks with meals ready to be tasted during the nature trail.


The small park located in the garden next to the House delights the little ones.



The existence of walking routes marked in the vicinity allows lovers of the countryside to walk in full contact with nature.

Paiva's walkways offer magnificent walks along the river, in close contact with nature.


For lovers of canoeing, the rivers Sousa and Paiva allow the practice of this radical sport.


Delight yourself with a horse ride through the hills and valleys, the equestrian center located 20 minutes from the House allows you to discover the adventure.


The concern with environmental sustainability is present throughout the House and in the established practices, and we ask our guests to participate with responsible action.

To demonstrate our commitment to preserving the environment, Casa Valxisto - Country House is certified by Biosphere Responsible Tourism, for more information: