Located in the old winery of the House where we preserve the old wine presses, it’s a welcoming and refreshing space that take us to a different time, a time marked by the hardness of agricultural tasks.

Space where you can taste some of the region's exceptional dishs made with the organic vegetables and fruits grown at our Farm, under the motto “the farm to the table”.


At breakfast, delicious homemade products are served every day, such as jams, sweets, fruits and always the freshly baked cake.


The House has a diverse wine list with wines from some demarcated regions of Portugal, such as Vinhos Verdes, Douro and Alentejo. These wines can be enjoyed at dinner, with a plate of snacks; the fireplace, on cold days; on the terrace, next to the pool, on hot days.


As our motto “Casa Valxisto is your home” we have at our disposal a bar with cold drinks, coffee and tea that you can serveby yourself… but if you wish, we will be happy to prepare you a drink…

You can also accompany your drinks with homemade cakes or cookies left daily at the bar desk...