A farm where animals were raised in the past, today vegetables and fruit are grown that allow the production of jams (pumpkin, raspberry, strawberry and onion), strawberry jam, marmalade and arbutus liqueur. The preparation of our dishes is also enriched with the use of these delicious products.

Sustainable agriculture is practiced where tourism with participation in agricultural activities is encouraged, since Casa Valxisto - Country House allows the participation of guests in agricultural tasks and in the feeding of animals at the Farm.


"From the farm to the table..."

In our vegetable garden, we produce vegetables, and the freshness of these products is served at our restaurant table, as they are harvested and taken directly from the garden to our kitchen to serve as the basis for the preparation of our dishes.

Our guests can join us in harvesting the food that they will taste in their meal …


For the enchantment of children and adults we recommend a walk through the farm to discover birds, flowers, plants, streams, and a long visit to the farm's domestic animals, enjoying the experience of feeding them …


Guests can be in contact with our extensive blueberry plantation, which has a very beautiful vegetative cycle since flowering in which the predominant color is white, fruiting with green tones and falling leaves with warm autumn colors. They can also participate in the harvest, eat and take home the delicious fruits.

The vineyard with grape varieties of “Vinho Verde”, of course, allows a small production of this refreshing and aromatic nectar. Between mid-September and early October, our guests can pick grapes to eat and participate in the lively agricultural task of the harvest.

At the Farm, there are several fruit trees, apple, orange, mandarin, pear, peach, persimmon, fig, quince, loquat trees, which in their production cycles provide delicious fruits and which guests can taste and take home; this wide variety also allows the confection of delicacies (jams and marmalade) served at the breakfast of our guests …